Dormant vines in Piemonte (Italy)

Because it’s not a blockbuster photo topic, a lot of non-professionals aren’t familiar with vines and vineyards out of season. That’s to say, out of tourist season. I think vines are as beautiful, maybe more, in the winter. This is especially true in the ultra-dramatic region of Piemonte (“foothills”) in northern Italy. Home to Barbaresco, Barolo, Barbera d’Asti, Roero, Alta Langa, and other varied and variously-priced wines, Piemonte is worth knowing. From workaday industrial valley floors to pristine vine-coated hills framed by the Alps, it is exceptional.

These photos are from late December and early January. I adjusted them as little as possible to give you a feel for how Piemonte looks and feels in winter. If they appear pale or low-contrast it’s because the light there is very cool and blue, almost like a light smoke has settled over the hills. I have never seen such cold winter light.

Most of these vines are Nebbiolo and Arneis since I took the photos around Barbaresco and Canale. Now, I’ll go pour myself a glass after I post this.

dpm_ 1597 dpm_ 1598

dpm_ 1602 dpm_ 1599 dpm_ 1600dpm_ 1594

The town of Canale:dpm_ 1596

The vines of Malvira’:
dpm_ 1601 dpm_ 1593

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I love wine and writing about it, because it's basically the most interesting thing in the world.
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