T&Co Vineyard in April, May, July

Here’s a quick one — three photos of the T&Co vineyard showing this season’s growth so far in a block of Grenache. This is the vineyard about 100 meters adjacent to where we will plant our Mourvèdre. As you can see it is head-training and spaced similarly to what we will likely do. The canopy has been pruned back and the topsoil has dried out a lot. Not sure how much the water table has dropped at this point given how close it was to the surface in April.







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I love wine and writing about it, because it's basically the most interesting thing in the world.
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2 Responses to T&Co Vineyard in April, May, July

  1. Peter Yanev says:

    Nice to see it developing. Got to fill in those holes……..


  2. Looks like your vineyard is progressing very well. How many vine per acre did you plant? Here in the Eastern U.S. we average about 600 to 700. I follow the Saperavi grape worldwide on my blog and especially “New World” Saperavi in Northeastern U.S. Where is your vineyard located?


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