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T&Co Vineyard in April, May, July

Here’s a quick one — three photos of the T&Co vineyard showing this season’s growth so far in a block of Grenache. This is the vineyard about 100 meters adjacent to where we will plant our Mourvèdre. As you can … Continue reading

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We’re planting a vineyard and documenting it here

Making wine is the natural extension, and ultimate expression, of the love of wine. Winemaking begins with grape growing, and for the quality-minded winemaker, all the details matter. Luckily we have the opportunity to plan and plant a vineyard in … Continue reading

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Inside the University of Bordeaux’s intensive wine tasting course

For those hankering for a deeper understanding of wine — for those who want to peer behind the curtain of hedonism and start to learn what it’s all about — I cannot recommend highly enough the University of Bordeaux’s professional … Continue reading

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Who drinks international wine?

While reading Paul Lukacs’ highly engaging book Inventing Wine, I came across a paragraph that shed light on a subject about which I have often wondered. Why is it that Paris, a capital of a historically wine-mad nation, has such a shortage of international wine … Continue reading

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DIY vinegar: my guest post on Ahu Eats

Originally posted on Ahu Eats — thanks Ahu! DIY Vinegar – A Guest Post by Andrew Yanev from Talking Tannins by AHU SHAHRABANI on MARCH 29, 2015 I’m very excited today to bring you a guest post from one of my … Continue reading

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Dormant vines in Piemonte (Italy)

Because it’s not a blockbuster photo topic, a lot of non-professionals aren’t familiar with vines and vineyards out of season. That’s to say, out of tourist season. I think vines are as beautiful, maybe more, in the winter. This is especially … Continue reading

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Yes, you can bring your wine into the U.S.

A recent comment thread on The Winegetter reminded me of an area of confusion for many people. I prefer to see it as an area of opportunity. Most travelers think they are limited to two bottles of wine when entering the … Continue reading

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