Shops in New York

New York City is full of greats shops, but this short list should help you find most of what you need. In my opinion the “big three” are:

  • Moore Brothers Wine Company: A relatively small but thoroughly curated selection of high-quality producers focusing on France, Germany, and Italy. As an importer-reseller they have long relationships with all their suppliers so things are available here that aren’t elsewhere, and the prices are very fair. Customer service is superb. And when it comes to German wines, they have one of the best selections in the U.S.
  • Flatiron Wines: A newer upstart with an organic/biodynamic focus, focused on smaller, edgier producers and with a fuller roster of mature wines than Moore Brothers. An excellent place to try new things or to spend serious cash on vintage Burgundies or Germans, for instance. They also host exceptional wine dinners a few times per year.
  • Chamber Street Wines: A well-established fine-wine shop in Tribeca. A similar focus to Flatiron, with good value at most price points but a relatively high-end focus. Exceptional selection of Champagnes, among others. They host a lot of in-store tastings as well, all listed on their website.

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